How to use Thingsee

Go Skydiving

We asked our friends at Skydive Kemi & Arctic Film Crew to visualize how they would use Thingsee when skydiving. Here's what they came up with.


How to use Thingsee with Snowmobiles? Riders of the Cold Kingdom & Arctic Film Crew imagined that for us.

Track your Bike

Track your bike route, eleavation data & distance. You can even easily build your own custom application for it.

Create Door notifier
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Use the inertial sensor to get notified when a door is opened, a gate is closed, a hatch is used.

Use it as Theft alarm
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Get notified if your equipment is moved. Get tracking data for up to a year.

Get Speed limit notifications
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Set Thingsee to notify you when your kid is speeding.

Sense everything

Thingsee One acts as 8 senses for computers: location, orientation, speed, acceleration, vibration, temperature, pressure, humidity & ambient light.

Change your use case

Use the easy mobile application to change your use case with a few click. Thingsee will only react to what is important to you.

Get notified

Thingsee can let you know when the events that are important to you happen. We can send you an SMS, a push notification or call a URL with the event data.

Create custom events

Send an SMS when the temperature changes, a push notification when there's an impact and start streaming to server when it leaves your yard.

Log the things you need

Select the sensors you need, and the update interval you want, and let the device log the information on file for you.

Stream data to a server

Stream your data to a server over cellular or WIFI and do logging, analysis and more in the cloud.

SMS Notifications

Push notifications

Display alerts