Thingsee helps you
realize the Internet Of Things

Thingsee builds new hardware that lets innovators and developers change the way new ideas become real.

Thingsee originally started off as a real-time shipment tracking project, but we soon realised the demand for high quality hardware in all Internet of Things projects. Thingsee is a new venture for Finland-based Haltian Ltd, a premium device design company based in Oulu Finland that develops high quality devices and IoT solutions for exciting startups and Fortune 500 companies alike.

Thingsee now aims at changing more industries with a brand new approach to IoT. For the first time an IoT developer can use the same hardware to do Web & Device SW development and start sales. Thingsee lets you quickly deploy innovations globally, and our plan is to change the creation of new business in the Internet of Things segment.

Thingsee Team

Kari Kujala
Director of Sales
+358 45 350 1255
Ville Ylläsjärvi
Founder, CMO

Harri Partanen

Paulo Lopes

Timo Moilanen
Head of web services

Ville Vanninen
Head of UX


+358 45 350 1255

Thingsee offices
Yrttipellontie 1D 90230 Oulu, Finland

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